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Antique Boxes in English Society
1760 -1900
Chinese Export Lacquer

Tea Caddy


Tea caddy in Chinese lacquer in very good original condition Circa 1830.
Tea caddy in Chinese lacquer in very good original condition.  The black lacquer is decorated with  gold in two colours, depicting figures and buildings  in  a landscape.   The  decoration  is of extra  fine quality  and  the  shape exceptionally  good.  It stands on four carved wooden  feet in the shape of dragons.  The interior  contains  two pewter tea canisters  with  round  raised lids. The tops are decorated with engraved stylised flowers.  The edge  and the inside of the lid are also decorated with  stylised leaves in gold lacquer.   Chinese made for export to England circa 1830 .

Dimensions:9.5" wide 7" deep 6" tall (on feet)

Inside showing very fine feathery detail on lid and facings. The white stripe is a piece of paper with some Chinese writing.
Side view. This shows detail of the shaped construction and the arrangement of the decorative composition of vignettes. The pictures of Chinese life are framed within floral borders.
Detail showing dragon foot which is carved to a higher quality than the usual simpler feet found on such boxes.
Back view.
Top and side view. Wear of the gold shows in the surround on top. There is also a very fine almost imperceptible crack.





Below are magnifications of some of the details which show the very fine quality of the gold painting.

.The inside containers are made of lead and have double lids. The inside lids have carved knobs.

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