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Antique Boxes in English Society
1760 -1900
  Jewelry Box
 Jewelry Box




Antique  Amboyna Jewelry Box,  circa 1860.
Veneered in amboyna and edged in engraved brass, this is an example of complex unfolding and opening. 

Impeccably made, it works with precision to provide a glamorous traveling companion. 12" wide. 

third quarter 19th century.

It measures:  12" wide.

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The box is well patinated and has the sort of marks that would be expected in a box of this age.


au26d01.jpg (103669 bytes)
The back has a lift out mirror, which is backed with velvet and clicks into place on the lid of the box. 

The view here shows the traveling position of the mirror, where the mirror is turned inwards for protection.

What is visible is the ebony framed ruched velvet.

Behind the mirror/velvet  is a embossed leather document wallet.

The box opens down concertina like.
The box has a working Bramah lock with replacement key. au26d04.jpg (82510 bytes)
The side drawer which is lined with silk has a central division for rings. I t is spring loaded and released by pressing a button on the facing. au26d06.jpg (115046 bytes)
au26d07.jpg (155708 bytes) The box is edged with brass and also has further inlaid brass some of which is engraved.
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