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Antique Boxes in English Society
1760 -1900
Sewing  Boxes 
 Sewing Boxes




Fitted Chinese Export Lacquer Sewing  Box decorated with Tea Cultivation Scenes,  circa 1830.


An exceptional Chinese Export Lacquer   sewing box with carved ivory tools and a lower drawer for holding drawing and painting implements. For a slide show and more images of this wonderful box 

The black lacquer is painted with a continuous scene of the growing, gathering, and processing of tea.

 Decoration with a narrative thematic subject is much more unusual than vignettes of oriental scenes. 

 First half 19th century. 

It measures: 14" wide by 10.25 " and 7"tall (including feet). 

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This particular box is painted exceptionally well, with a robustness of line, with attention to minutiae, and with skillful use of bright gold contrasted against black expanses. 

End view showing the carrying handle and carved wooden feet.

Back view:

The figure sitting on the deck receiving the tea consignment is long nosed (European?).

The water is depicted by a diaper pattern traditional  in Chinese art.

End view showing the carrying handle and carved wooden feet.

Detail: The preparation of tea leaves. 


Detail of top: typically there signs of wear. The surround is a depiction of the strongly symbolic Chinese dragons.

The interior has a lift out tray which retains its original  sewing tools in carved ivory.

The box has a drawer in the lower part which is  fitted for painting on silk. 

The lid has yet another wonderful tea processing scene.

The box has beautiful carved ivory tools including a needle case, thread-barrels, and sewing-clamps.

Detail of sewing clamp one of the carved ivory tools retained in this box.

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