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Antique Boxes in English Society
1760 -1900
Sewing  Boxes 
 Sewing Boxes




Rare Painted Sycamore Antique  Sewing  box,  circa 1815.

A sycamore veneered box painted all around as a basket of flowers. This is an unusual treatment of the basket theme. The top is painted with an informally arranged bunch of roses. The painting is executed with professional skill and with a real eye for color and composition. There is a sewing tray inside. No sewing tools.  . 

Circa 1815-20. 

It measures:  10"wide by 8.4" and 5.5" tall including feet. 

Detail showing the light yet assured use of color.

Inside there is a lift-out tray which still retains its original red colored paper lining and leather cover. One of the central divisions is a replacement.

The white wood tray and the lift out pin cushion are characteristic of early Tunbridge ware work.  

Detail showing one of the original gilded feet. The acanthus leaves are in characteristic neoclassical taste.


Detail of the front showing the subtle way the basket is depicted and the escutcheon.

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