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Antique Boxes in English Society
1760 -1900
Tea Caddies and Tea
Tea Caddies and Tea



Rosewood Veneered Tea Chest With Greek Key Inlay, Circa 1790.
Rosewood Veneered Tea Chest With Greek Key Inlay. The exceptionally precise and well defined pattern emphasize the dignified structure of this piece, which is in very strong neoclassical design.

12" wide.

 Circa 1790.

Corner view showing the meticulous care taken with proportion and detail.

The interior continues the theme, adding crossbandings to the back panel and lift out canisters. The top facing is in light wood and the bottom in dark. When the box is shut this results in two fine lines in contrasting colors. 

The grain pattern of the back panel with the swirling light color in the middle just over the bowl is a delight and a mark of absolute quality.

The whole box  is very much in the Sheraton style and period.

Detail showing the cross banding and fine stringing.

Detail back panel.

The inside of the canisters show signs of original leading. 

The inlaid tapered fillet of oak is in both canisters and would have been done as a strengthening device.

The well when the canisters are taken out is lined in mahogany.

Side view.

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